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What customers are saying about 8 in 1 Shower head

Radically Improved My Shower
Mark L. Verified Review
My apartment has an older bathroom with a low-flow shower head. Showering was a chore until I found the Maas & Bath 8-in-1 Shower Head. Now I get amazingly strong flow all the time, and I haven’t noticed any uptick in my water bill even though I’m showering for much longer.
Highly Recommended
Ian B. Verified Review
As a soccer player, I love having all the different showering options. Sometimes I need the Waterfall to scrub off dirt and grass stains, other times I like having the Summer Rain soothe my body. There’s a mode for every occasion.
My Family Loves It
Nick S. Verified Review
I got one for me and my wifes shower and we loved it so much that we got one for our kids as well. It was easy to install both with just my hands.
Tatiana D. Verified Review
Really happy that I got this. It came really quickly and within minutes I was using it. Thanks!
Easy to Install
Sylvia S. Verified Review
This was really easy to install. I have virtually no plumbing experience and it took me no more than a few minutes to figure out what to and attach it.
I love Summer Rain
Kerry G. Verified Review
Summer Rain is the best mode! I’ve never had a shower with the perfect amount of water pressure like this. It’s like I'm at a spa every day.
Frequently asked questions

To switch between the 8 different shower modes, use the buttons on the handle. To try out each of the different modes, you will need to press each button, with some modes requiring pushing multiple buttons at once.

The water pressure is always strong, no matter which shower mode you are using.

No, you can securely install your new shower head without needing any tools.

Simply remove the existing handheld shower head while the water is off, then attach your new one.

You can buy the Maas & Bath 8-in-1 Chrome Shower Head Accessories Kit, which has solutions for showers without a handheld shower head.

The shower head is chrome plated, meaning it will never rust.

Press the bottom button on the handle to shut off the flow of water. Press any of the other buttons to resume the flow of water.

You can expect your order to be delivered within 2-3 business days.

Maas & Bath belongs to the Loft Home Essentials family. We are located in Akron, Ohio.

We offer a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. No questions asked.

bought: x Shower head. JUST NOW

Verfified Purchase

Amazing Deal!

This was such a simple upgrade in my life that has made a world of difference. My showers are much more comfortable and enjoyable now, and I love switching between modes to find the perfect match for my mood.

Chloe M

Verified Purchase

Premium Quality

This is a premium shower head at an affordable price, without a doubt. I’m happy I got the opportunity to buy one because my whole family loves using it.

Esteban D

Verified Purchase